What is HabibiCoin?

HabibiCoin is an asset backed token, all the proceeds are invested into real estate to back the coin providing stability compared to non asset backed tokens. An asset backed token is a far more stable investment compared to others. Check out our video by clicking on the link below.

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Key Features

HabibiCoin is broken down into a few sectors that effect the price of the coin. Being a asset backed token, the price of the coin can not go below a certain threshold. Here are some sectors that HabibiCoin is involved in.

Global real estate portfolio

Performing real estate appreciates and cash flows creating value for token holders without the risk of devaluation, volatility or speculation.

Removes interest bearing debt

Mortgage buyouts for our community removing interest completely from the homeownership process.

Better Home Ownership

Reduce life span of mortgage, payments directly to principal home equity is protected from foreclosure

Social Philanthropic Model

A global community solution for the community by the community to preserve economic prosperity within the community


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Token Sale TOKEN

ICO token will be released on the basis of Ethereum20 platform. You can buy HabibiCoin by buying them from your account. Your HabibiCoin’s will be added to your wallet and you are able to see your purchase history from your account.

Pre ICO Start

April 30th, 2018 (0:00AM GMT+4)

Total Number Of Tokens

2.2 Billion

Pre ICO End

June 17th, 2018 (0:00AM GMT+4)

Number Of Tokens Pre ICO

1.3 Billion

Price Of Tokens At ICO


Number Of Tokens ICO

885 Million


HabibiCoin ICO Is Now Closed!
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Distribution of tokens


July - August 2017

Project Concept Development

September - November 2017

Legal Structure Development

November - December 2017

Team Creation

January - July 2018

Marketing / Project Publications

January - February 2018

Preparation for Pre-ICO

February - April 2018

Project Publication

April - June 2018

Holding of Pre-ICO

June - July 2018

Holding of ICO

August - October 2018

Property Investment Phase 1 begins

August - October 2018

Mortgages buyout phase 1 begins

Powered by a Team TEAM

Our team are a group of highly intelligent, qualified individuals that have been carefully selected to make sure we meet our targets and returns.

Mushtak Beeroli
Affiliate Manager
Rabie Tahir
Pre-ICO/ICO Launch Manager
Asif Aslam
Communications Manager
Naveed Asghar
Administration Manager
Israr Ahmed
Development Lead
Osama Choudary
Product Development
Umair Abdul Sattar
Iftikhar Ahmed
Akeel Ashraf
Operations Manager
Mohammad Hammad
Research Consultant


Simon Cocking
Jonathan Lane
Board Advisor

ICO Listings

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Habibi Coin is a community solution to help its members participate in fractional real estate ownership, and construction without having high incomes, credit scores and development experience. The average person can never be a home owner or real estate investor due to strict pre requirements from lenders. They also have no experience in construction of properties and have to rely on sub contractors to develop a project to profit off of the lucrative construction side of real estate. This creates a gap where a significant portion of the market is underserved. Habibi Coin aims to create equal opportunity for anyone to participate in real estate and leverage our experience in the construction of real estate. We focus on government backed projects, joint ventures with established developers, and general construction of low risk projects done in volume. 80% of all funds raised go towards building a thriving real estate portfolio in a global market so it is diversified across great projects all around the world and less exposed to a domestic downturn in any one area. It is also heavily concentrated in doing construction projects for clients who require the need to develop their properties. 20% of all funds raised goes towards tackling homeownership challenges like interest bearing debts and mortgages. The average life span of a mortgage is 25-30 years with initial payments being 80% interest and 20% principle. As you pay the debt down the ratio changes to 60% principle and 40% interest. On an average $200,000 dollar mortgage you end up paying 3 times the cost in interest alone over its life span. Habibi Coin works with home owners to assess their situation, mortgage product and circumstances. Once approved it then buys out the mortgage in full essentially becoming the lender. All interest is removed from the equation completely. The home owner ends up paying 80% of each monthly payment directly towards the principle debt. This helps home owners pay down the debt in less than half the time in addition to reducing worry stress fear uncertainty and doubt. Habibi Coin also protects the home owner from foreclosure. With Habibi Coins system if the owner defaults over a certain period of time the property is put up for sale and the owner is given a cheque for the equity they have built up in their property over years of making payments. This ensures their hard work is never lost, their asset is protected and it is owned in full in half the time. A true community solution for its members to create economic prosperity safety and security for them and their families.

Habibi Coin is created on the ERC20 protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain. Habibi Coins can be purchased using Etheruem. Funds that are raised get invested into the real estate deals, into construction projects and into buying out mortgages. It has an underlying property portfolio which appreciates and cashflows over time incrementally helping the portfolio growth and simultaneously adding value to the holders of the tokens. The token holders benefit by sharing the profit generated from real estate projects, construction projects and cash flow from mortgage payments. All real estate investment profits are re invested into building a bigger property portfolio. The construction projects generate millions of dollars per year with 15-25% net profit margins on each construction project and the mortgages produce a 20% rental income per month. The longer sustainable growth incrementally grows the value of each habibi coin. The more coins an individual holds the more increase in value they can generate.

A core team of 20+ people with an extended team of advisory board members and qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the fields of real estate, finance, mortgages, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You can find out more about our team and advisory board by visiting the website.

Our target audience comprises of a mix of people. Including investors, fractional real estate owners who do not have the income and credit scores to purchase real estate on their own, those looking to remove interest-bearing debt from their mortgages, those inside the crypto/blockchain communities, people who want to diversify their portfolios and people who want options in asset-backed currencies/communities with less volatility speculation and interest debt. It is a solution for a wider community of billions of underserved people and hundreds of millions of people who seek a better faith based solution than the traditional options in the market.

The public ICO price of each Habibi Coin will be 5 cents and in the pre ico you can purchase Habibi Coins at 3 discount tiers 60% 40% and 20%. The price in Ethereum varies daily but you can check the site continually to see the updated current market price of Habibi Coin in Ethereum.

Habibi Coin focuses on sourcing deal flow from an extensive network of agents, brokerages, financiers, land departments, government authorities, medium to large developers, and its own community members. It also focuses on tackling interest bearing mortgages for its community by removing interest from the equation, protecting equity, reducing home ownership time spans, and providing economic relief to its community members. Habibi Coin also uses a SMART real estate approach which times the entry and exit into projects. Working with reputable and well established developers to partner up and enter deals at the right times allows Habibi Coin to maximize the profit earning potential and reduces the exposure to risks with high liquidity options.

Habibi Coin provides its target audiences with opportunities to participate in an industry traditional reserved for the rich and wealthy. Creating opportunities for fractional ownership to a market segment underserved. It also helps provide protection against the interest bearing mortgage system. Investors can have the opportunity to participate at pre ico discounts that will reflect ownership inside a international real estate investment vehicle without barriers to entry or borders to business. They also get the opportunity to participate in a digital currency that is backed by a real hard tangible asset protecting against extreme volatility speculation and risk.

Habibi Coin will invest into all forms of real estate from land acquisition, developments, commercial, residential, multi family, hotels, towers, Airbnb’s,short term long term rentals, fixes, flips, government backed projects, partnership projects with large developers and more. It will be investing globally with more focus towards North America, Europe, Middle East, And Asia.

Habibi coin uses a system of crowd sourcing applications online and offline. It gathers data about each applicant and their financial situation, household circumstances, income, debt and other forms. It then short lists applicants in two classes. The management team and the advisory board vote on the shortlisted applicants. Once the applicant is approved habibi coin purchases out the mortgage and becomes the lender. It then removes all interest from the equation and works out a monthly repayment amount with 80% going to principal debt and 20% going towards fixed monthly rental fee in a co ownership structure.

You can find out more information by downloading our white paper or by opting into our email list. Hit up our support team with questions support@habibicoin.io or find us on social media. We are on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and Instagram.

Yes, you are able to create multiple wallets on the Ethereum platform by following the correct procedure as mentioned in the ‘How Do I Create An Account’ section.

Registration is fairly straightforward with a clear step by step guide and instructions on what to do, which takes less than a few minutes to complete.

In order to participate in the Pre ICO or ICO you need to register yourself by signing up on our website. Fill in the KYC form and whitelist yourself for pre registration. You can also opt into our email list to receive regular updates on our Pre ICO and ICO launches. If your a large investor discounts are discussed separately please send contact us at support@habibicoin.io

The tokens will be available for purchase directly through our website with the Pre ICO beginning April 30th and running for roughly 6 weeks or until the cap is reached and the Public ICO beginning June 18 and running for 4 weeks or until the hard cap is reached. You can also whitelist yourself in advance of the Pre ICO to make sure to get in on the 3 discount tiers by signing up on our website Habibicoin.io

Habibi coin can be found on ICO ALERT and more listing sites soon. Check back often and we will continually update the listing sites.

24 million tokens are allocated to the bounty campaign in the initial stages and a further 20 million tokens will be allocated in later stages of development. To find out more about our bounty campaign and how YOU can benefit head over to our site and check out the bounty section.

Our bounty campaigns will be active on multiple platforms including but not limited to Telegram, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Medium, Qoura, Reddit, Steemit, and on our website.

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